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Sep 27-28, 2014

Pretty in Pink
District Qualifier

Levels 1-5
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Jan 10-11, 2015

Candy Cane Classic
New Year Edition

Levels 1-Open

2014 Pretty in Pink Sep 12, 2014 2014 Pretty in Pink District Qualifier Meet Schedule
Infinite Bounds' is hosting the 7th Annual Pretty in Pink District Qualifier for levels 1-5 on September 27-28, 2014 at the main facility on 1901 Preston Park Blvd, Plano, TX 75093.
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2014 Westerns May 06, 2014 Congratulations Georgiana!
The 2014 Western National Championships

Infinite Bounds' Level 9 Georgiana DePugh finished a great season at the Western Nationals in Boise, Idaho. Georgiana had two top 5 finishes against the best gymnasts in the Western half of the country!
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Region III Apr 29, 2014 2014 Level 7 Regional Championships
Congratulations to Level 7's at Regionals coming home with 6 top 10 finishes from 3 athletes!
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Region III Apr 13, 2014 2014 Level 9/10 Regional Championships
Congratulations to IB's newest Regional Champion! Two years in a row an IB gymnast has gone to the level 9 regional competition and come back crowned the All-Around champion and this year was Georgiana DePugh's turn! Following her outstanding performance at the State Championships, Georgiana took no prisoners and returned with vault and floor golds, a silver on bars and the title of the level 9 Region 3 Champion heading to Western Nationals!
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Level 9/10 Texas State Championships Apr 03, 2014 2014 Level 6/7 Texas State Championships
Following in the footsteps of their older team mates, the Level 6 and 7 IB athletes rose to the challenge of competing against the best in the state bringing home 2 level 6 all around titles (Mali Krone and Madison Bird)! The total medal count came to 4 event gold, 6 event silver, 1 event bronze, 1 bronze all around, 1 silver all around and 2 state champions! With at least one state champion on each event and the all around, the level 6's came and rocked the house!
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Level 9/10 Texas State Championships Mar 26, 2014 2014 Level 9/10 Texas State Championships
All the long hours of stretching, conditioning and training have prepared the IB athletes for the remaining few weeks of the 2013-2014 post season championship meets. Starting with the level 9's an 10's and competing against the best in the great state of Texas, Georgiana DePugh walked away as the Level 9 vault and all around champion!
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Texas Xcel State Championships Mar 25, 2014 2014 Texas Xcel State Championships
Coming soon to the Infinite Bounds facility!

Meet Date:          2014 May 17-18
Entry Deadline:    2014 April 25
Schedule posted: 2014 May   2
Host Hotel:          Courtyard Marriott Plano and Town Place Suites

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Infinite Bounds Mar 24, 2014 2014 Level 7 Practice Meet
2014 was the year of cold and icy weather reeking havoc on trees, roads and gymnastics schedules. But the IB athletes would not be stopped, so they brought the judges to them to get the opportunity and experience of another competition.
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Anna Brashear Memorial Mar 5, 2014 Anna Brashear Memorial
26 IB atheletes made the short trip north to Denton to compete in honor of a brave, young aspiring level 4 gymnast named Anna Brashear, who was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) on October 19, 2010 and went to be with Lord on Sunday, October 31, 2010. The IB girls came away with 27 gold, 18 silver and 11 bronze individual events with 6 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze all around titles!
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Rose City Classic Feb 25, 2014 Rose City Classic
There were 27 IB atheletes that made the 2 hour trip east to the Rose City Classic where they accumulate another 30 gold, 19 silver and 16 bronze individual events with another 5 silver, 4 bronze and 7 all around titles including 6 all around scores of 38 or higher!
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Madison Bird Feb 21, 2014 Congratulations Madison Bird!
Sweeping the competition and taking the all around titles in each of her 5 meets so far this season, Maddie has accumulated and additional 11 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze individual medals! Based on her stellar performance Maddie is also currently ranked 6th in the nation for all level 6's! Way to go Maddie!

Anna Lee Phillips Feb 21, 2014 Congratulations Anna Lee Phillips!
Starting her gymnastics career in in an impressive manner, Anna Lee has already amassed 10 individual gold medals and 2 all around titles to make everyone take notice of this young superstar. With her recent performance at the Metroplex Challenge, Anna Lee is currently the number 10 gymnast for America's Top 100 Level 3 All Around Scores! Keep rocking it Anna Lee!

2014 Alumni Accomplishments Feb 20, 2014 Infinite Bounds Celebrates Its Alumni!
Ever wonder what happens after club gymnastics? Well check out some of the recent accomplishments of the gymnasts that used to train at IB!

Can you pick out Lauren Alexander (2010) and Chayse Capps (2013)?

Your next chance to see them in action locally will be just north in Denton at the TWU, Minnesota, Michigan State, OU meet March 09, 2014 at 2:00p!

2014 Metroplex Challenge Feb 17, 2014 Metroplex Challenge
32 IB gymnasts representing 7 different levels took to the competition floor over the weekend facing stiff competition from all over the state. These young ladies did not dissappoint! The medal count went 25 gold, 15 silver and 16 bronze individual events with another silver, 5 bronze and 8 all around titles!
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2014 Houston National Feb 03, 2014 Houston National Invitational
Still early in the season, 29 athletes descended on the Houston Convention Center to compete against the best in the state and add 15 gold, 13 silver and 11 bronze individual medals to their total count for the season. With another 4 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze all around titles the total hardware count came to 48!
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2014 Alamo Classic Jan 20, 2014 Alamo Classic
After only a couple of local meets, 27 young ladies traveled south to San Antonio prepared to do battle at the Alamo! The treasure of 51 total medals made the return home memorable with 14 gold, 17 silver, 11 bronze individual titles and 5 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze all around honors!
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2014 Achievers Jan 13, 2014 Friends of Acheivers
25 IB gymnasts continued their quest for gold in the biting cold of January as they attended their first meet away from their home facility. 17 gold, 13 silver and 10 bronze individual medals with an additional 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze all around titles to put the meet's medal count at an impressive 49!
Check out all of the scores!

2014 Winter Remix Jan 6, 2014 Candy Cane Classic - Winter Remix
All 32 IB gymnasts braved the cold and ice early in the year to face the first competition of the season. 27 medals started the season count with many trying out their routines for the first time in competition. An exciting start to the season!
Check out the scores from this year's Candy Cane Classic!

2014 IB Nov 26, 2013 Level 5 State Championships
Even with threatening winter weather for the weekend, over 300 athletes from all over the state competed for this season's top spots in women's gymnastics! Check out the scores from this past weekend!
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